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Product features
100% cotton
Garment Care:  Hand Wash, Machine Washable
Season: Four seasons ,best for Summer
Occasion: Daily



About Sri Lankan Batik
Batikwork is the art of using wax on fabric when dyeing in order to avoid dyeing a certain section of the fabric. 
The material used is cotton as it captures the dyes without fading much with use. The wax is dripped in a pattern or design using a spouted tool called a canting, 
or printed in preset design using a copper stamp called a cap. 
Sri Lanka’s Batik making industry was only established firmly in the last century or so though records show that it was done earlier as well. 
Nowadays it is a small scale industry that provides job opportunities for many talented artisans. 
The designs used are both original Sri Lankan traditional designs as well as designs imported from Java, Indonesia.


All items are shipped from Melbourne, Australia. Items will be posted with in a day after purchasing & be confirmed via mail.
Regular postage will take 3-14 business day therefore please bear with us.
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Customer satisfaction is important to us, 
Due to the high demand, our stocks may be limited with colour & size. please contact us for any inquiries & your feedback is much appreciated.


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